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  • 興龍泵業


    The headquarter of Xinglong Pump Industry is located in the beautiful northern suburb of Hangzhou, Pingyao Town, the birthplace of Liangzhu culture. The company occupies an area of 15,000 acres, with 11,000 acres of scientific research and production buildings. The company has advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, an innovative R & D team, and employees with junior college graduates of 30%. It is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise. The company has passed CCS quality system certification of China Classification Society and is a first-class material supplier of China National Petroleum Corporation.

    The company is the deputy director unit of China Screw Pump Professional Committee, the drafting unit of the JB / T8644-2007 single screw pump standard, and the only drafting company of the HJ2524-2012 technical requirements for environmental protection products.

    The coal water slurry screw pump produced by the company has obtained a number of national patents, and is known for its stable performance and wear resistance, and its national market share has reached more than 80%.

    • Production workshop

    • Test Bench

    • Workshop scene

    • Screw processing site

    Enterprise development concept

    • Innovation is the soul

    • Quality is life

    • Management is wealth

    • Service is survival

    "Customer sustainable satisfaction oriented"

    Guided by the highest quality standards, work hand in hand with customers, go hand in hand, and win-win

    Product Application Area
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