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    Multiphase mixed transportation twin screw pump

    Multiphase mixed transportation twin screw pump

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    Brief introduction

    Twin screw pump is an important fluid conveying equipment. Because of its large volume flow, and it can transport medium with low viscosity without shearing, it is widely used in various industrial processes, also known as positive displacement twin screw pump, double gear pump and double shaft conveying pump.

    Xinglong twin-screw pump is a positive displacement pump. The liquid is transported through a certain geometry cavity formed by sealing between the mating pairs (spiral sleeve and bushing). The spiral sleeves do not contact each other, so it has strong anti cavitation ability and can withstand dry operation within a certain time range. The material of pump overflow parts is determined according to the specific characteristics of the fluid materials transported.

    Conventional technologies in the field of Multiphase Transportation need to separate oil and gas. For such processes, compressors, liquid pumps and separators need to be installed. In contrast, the use of multiphase mixed transportation twin screw pump in oilfield applications has many advantages: three direct improvements include reducing hardware cost, reducing wellhead pressure and generating pressure rise to move products to centralized collection facilities.

    The core of multiphase mixed transportation twin-screw pump technology is to continuously operate the specially designed twin-screw pump under its suitable conditions. When two precisely meshed screw sleeve parts work, the metal to metal contact is absolutely avoided. They provide near constant capacity at downstream back pressure. When the pump is operated in the range of high GVF (high gas volume ratio), serious efficiency loss and working temperature rise will occur. The system will add a liquid recycling system, in which part of the liquid is stored in the lower chamber of the pump and injected into the inlet of the pump. At the same time, the mechanical seal system is also protected by the API flushing system to make the mechanical seal work under appropriate conditions. Similarly, the bearing and gearbox lubrication device also has corresponding protection measures.



    Reliability - the wear-resistant screw material allows the pump to withstand accidental contact bites due to solid particles

    The system is equipped with a liquid recycling system - stable operation at a higher gas volume ratio

    Extended service life - the auxiliary protection system allows the pump to operate under controlled conditions

    Output stable - the system will adjust the operation status according to the real-time input parameters

    More economical - replacing the traditional method of separation and retransmission of oil and gas transportation

    For you to solve transport requirements include

    Full series of standardization, the maximum flow can reach 200 m3 / h

    Output pressure up to 25bar

    High gas volume ratio (GVF) up to 97%

    Maximum inlet pressure 4 bar

    Strict quality standards and test procedures ensure that you get the best performance multiphase mixed delivery twin screw pump. We continue to provide after-sales technical support (4008055600) to ensure the best performance under various service conditions.

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