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    Angle compact single screw pump

    Angle compact single screw pump

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    Brief introduction

    Single screw pump is an important fluid conveying equipment. It is widely used in various industrial processes, also known as eccentric screw pump, G-type screw pump or electric single screw pump, because it is not only suitable for medium with low viscosity such as water, but also for suspension with solid particles or short fibers, and medium with very high viscosity.

    Xinglong single screw pump is a kind of positive displacement pump, through the meshing pairs (stator and rotor) between the closed formation of a certain geometry cavity to transport liquid. The material of pump overflow parts is determined according to the specific characteristics of fluid materials transported.

    The angle compact single screw pump is to connect the drive reducer motor with the pump compactly. It can be arranged at 180 degrees or 90 degrees through a certain installation angle with the pump axis. The specific arrangement scheme is adjusted according to the actual installation situation of the customer. The single screw pump can be a bearing seat type or a direct connected structure. The speed of the pump can be reduced by reducing the speed of the motor, and the total length can be shortened by the reasonable arrangement. The driving shaft of the pump must have enough strength to bear the torque and axial force produced by the rotor in the working process, and it must have greater rigidity to bear the bending moment of the toothed belt in the rotating process of the driving motor. Pump rotating parts can be made of various materials such as matching steel, tool steel, stainless steel 304 / 316, duplex stainless steel, etc., with strong structural bearing capacity and good rigidity. This kind of angle compact single screw pump is often used when the arrangement of customer's application occasions is limited.



    It is widely used to transport all flowing and even non flowing materials

    Continuous low pulsation conveying

    Media will not be agitated, squeezed or sheared during pumping

    The conveying capacity is directly proportional to the rotating speed, and the conveying capacity can be adjusted by frequency conversion, with high precision metering conveying


    All liquids can be pumped with minimal agitation and pulsation

    Modular configuration

    Effective utilization of installation layout space

    For you to solve transport requirements include

    Full series of standardization, maximum flow up to 400 m3 / h

    Output pressure up to 48 bar

    The axial length of applications is shortened year on year

    Different materials can be used for overflow metal parts, from tool steel to nickel / chromium steel, high acid resistant materials such as duplex stainless steel, Hastelloy and titanium alloy

    Different stator rubbers are used, such as NBR, EPDM, CSM, PTFE, FPM and HNBR.

    Packing seal or mechanical seal, other sealing forms can also be selected

    Strict quality standards and test procedures ensure that you get the best performance screw pump. We continue to provide after-sales technical support (4008055600) to ensure the best performance under various service conditions.

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