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    3G series three screw pump

    3G series three screw pump

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    Brief introduction

    Three screw pump is an important kind of non abrasive oil-based fluid transmission equipment with certain lubricity. Because of its stable flow, small pressure fluctuation, high cost performance, and no shear transmission of medium with low viscosity, it is widely used in various industrial processes, also known as the positive displacement three screw pump, three blade rotor pump and three-axis transmission pump.

    Xinglong three-screw pump is a positive displacement pump, which transmits liquid through a cavity with a certain geometry formed by sealing between the meshing pairs (main and subordinate rods and bushes). The main components of the pump include three rotating screws and a three hole bush wrapped around its outer circle contour. The driving screw is driven by the driving machine to rotate. The two driven screws are driven by the liquid film between the main rod and the driving screw to rotate passively. The driving screw and the driven screw are both working in the closely matched Bush hole. Therefore, between the pump inlet and the outlet, the screw and the bush are separated by a certain number of bolts and bushes What is the shape of the conveying cavity. These closed cavities form a step-by-step boost pumping process from the pump inlet to the outlet as the screw rotates.

    Small size 3G series three screw pump (specification: 3g20, 3g25, 3g30, 3g36) is designed with flexible flange connection structure, the fluid can flow into the pump cavity axially / radially, and the radial direction of the inlet or outlet can be adjusted arbitrarily by 90 degrees. It can be installed by flange connection or by end connection of vertical oil tank.

    Large size 3G series three screw pump (specification: 3g42, 3g50, 3g60, 3g70, 3g85, 3g100, 3g110, 3g120, 3g160, 3g180) is designed for base installation, fixed on the same base with the motor, and can also be connected and installed with the end face of vertical oil tank.

    3G series three screw pump is a bearing built-in structure, and the bearing is lubricated by pump fluid during the working process. The length of the fitting section of the screw and the Bush is 1 ~ 4 specifications of the screw lead, so the theoretical limit pressure difference can reach 25 ~ 80 bar.



    More economical - very low life cycle cost

    Reliability - high hardness nitriding steel for screw

    Non pulsating delivery - the medium is stable and non pulsating during pumping

    Easy to maintain - when replacing major parts (including screws and bushings), the pipeline does not need to be removed

    Flexibility - low inlet pressure and wide allowable speed range

    Low noise - working principle virtually eliminates pressure fluctuations

    Self absorption - normally no forced feeding device or equipment is required

    For you to solve transport requirements include

    Full range of specifications, maximum flow up to 7400 L / min

    Output pressure up to 80 bar

    The viscosity range of the material is usually 1 to 760 CST

    Pumping temperature up to 120 ℃

    High viscosity materials can be transported by heating

    Standard is mechanical seal

    Strict quality standards and test procedures ensure that you get the best performance three screw pump. We continue to provide after-sales technical support (4008055600) to ensure the best performance under various service conditions.

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