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    Double shaft chopper

    Double shaft chopper

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            Xinglong chopper is a kind of high performance online chopper. By cutting the solid in the fluid with high efficiency and reaching a certain size, the pipeline and downstream equipment can be prevented from blocking, so as to protect the downstream production equipment and reduce the operation cost.

            Whether you apply Xinglong chopper to the pump system or use it alone, it can easily cope with various situations. The geometry and thickness of cutting parts such as blade, cutter head and cutter set can be specially designed according to the customer's use requirements and the particle size to be achieved. The cutting effect depends on a variety of factors, including the design structure of cutter and tooth shape, operation speed and cutter combination. Seven piece cutter is the most common design of our company. The relative rotation speed of the two parallel axes with the chopping parts respectively determines the perfect chopping of the medium. The selection of high chromium steel can ensure the cutting parts are sharp and have good cutting effect.



    Low speed, high torque and low reactive power consumption

    Two sets of rotating Cutterheads with powerful functions of tearing, extruding and cutting

    Crushing plant, plastic, rubber, textile and other dry materials

    The hardened alloy cutter head is resistant to abrasion and has a long service life

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